I presented this work in Linz, Austria. While preparing the slides, I googled the address of my hotel to know how far it was from the conference. I finally ended up on wikipedia to find out that Linz is twinned with Kansas City (USA). This amused me at first. But then I realized it was a perfect illustration of the basic claim of the paper: research and industry are somehow disconnected! I used this geographical analogy throughout the presentation. When I started the presentation, I was really confident that this analogy would catch the attention of the audience. I didn’t know just how right I was. When I showed the map with the crosses, all the Austrian and German guys started giggling in the background. I had no clue why. After the presentation, one of the guys discreetly came to me and said: “The cross representing Linz was actually in the middle of Czech Republic”. Touché! At least I got their attention…

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