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What Is Your Product Change Worth?

Do you struggle to derive value from the business case of product changes? Many organizations do. Teams eager to fix issues or develop new products often perceive business cases as red tape. Rarely does product management provide the motivation to […]

Should Variant Management be a Core Business Process?

This postĀ appeared in the CMII newsletter of April/May 2017 Do you struggle to meet a demand for broader product portfolio while reducing operating expenses? Many organizations do [1]. Over the past century, demand looped from high variety and low volume, […]

Foundations of Variability Management

To satisfy the growing demand for customised solutions, companies struggle to balance flexible system engineering with short lead time and profitability. This struggle has driven the development of variability management (VM) techniques. VM aims to combine the scale economies of […]

CONF&Ti at a Glance

Different playground this time! This was my first presentation of our spin-off project CONF&Ti to a jury of business angels, coaches, and CEOs. To up the ante, the background, challenges, solutions and perspective had to be covered in 7 mins. […]